Lukewarm Response To KKK4Akshay Kumar’s re-entry as the host on Khatron Ke Khiladi Torchaar on Friday, June 3, has opened at 3 points on the TRP chart. The opening weekend’s average adds up to 2.6 points, much lower than the previous season, which opened with 5.4 points and averaged approximately 4 points. A spokesperson for Colors, which airs the show, says that it’s the kind of rating they were expecting for a weekend reality show.

Even the actor-anchor is unperturbed, insisting that the stunts he’s personally designed for the show will arouse interest as the weeks pass. “In the last three seasons, the contestants had it easy. Whenever they were performing risky stunts at heightened spots or in mid-air, cables were there to ensure a safe landing. This time, I’ve removed safety cables from all the stunts,” says Akshay with a straight face, insisting that it scared the living daylights out of the celebrities on the show. “This season, 90 per cent of the stunts have been conceptualised by me. Trust me, you’ve never seen people so scared.”

The actor also says that he’s ensured that there aren’t too many creepy crawlies in the show this time because they became monotonous over the last three seasons. “There are very few of those stunts with cockroaches, snakes and lizards. This time, I’ve introduced animals like horses, ostriches, bulls and elephants for stunts. That increases the danger,” reveals Akshay.

Considering that the show has opened with comparatively lukewarm ratings, would he like to host season five too? “We’ve not spoken yet. Colors officials and I didn’t speak even when there were nasty rumours circulated about the show,” admits Akshay. “I love stunts, they know it.”



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