Aamir Khan Takes Pot Shot At SRK




Aamir Khan Takes Pot Shot At SRKAamir Khan, who is infamous for taking verbal shots at Shahrukh Khan, has done it yet again. The Ghajini star recently took a jab at the superstar for winning the Best Actor award. Talking about the Indian Razzies – The Golden Kela Awards, Aamir said, “I love the Kela awards because the others are rubbish and sold,” it was reported. The star, known for speaking his mind, added, “Like someone recently gave the Best Actor award to Shah Rukh Khan.” He also went on to say that Salman Khan should have won it for Dabangg or Ajay Devgn for Once Upon A Time In Mumbaai.

The Bollywood stars have very often taken verbal pot shots at each other which they claim is all in good spirits. On previous occasion, Aamir has taken digs at SRK by calling him “too intelligent”. In fact, Aamir’s dog is also named Shahrukh. While Aamir never misses an opportunity to take pot shots at SRK, he too doesn’t shy away from making cheeky remarks about Aamir. Sometime back, the superstar took a jab at the Ghajini star by saying he can take his shirt off to sell a watch but there isn’t anything written on his chest.



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