AIB Roast and Comedy Nights with Kapil. Two sides of the same coin or two different coins?


Recently, there has been lot of  hue and cry about a stage show in India whose video clippings were uploaded on YouTube and immediately went viral leading to lot of controversy, government intervention, threat of arrests etc.The clips have since been taken of You Tube.
Here’s the thing…
There is another television program  which has been running for almost three years in India and also telecast in North America, called Comedy Nights with Kapil.
The permanent and prominent feature of  most episodes of Comedy Nights with Kapil is a perpetually drunk grandmother who likes to forcefully kiss all the male guests. There is also  an Aunt who is depicted as so slutty, that she offers herself in marriage or otherwise  to every male guest on the show regardless of his age.

The host Kapil  and his  permanent guest of honor in every episode, like to insult the members of their audience by poking fun at their physical appearance, clothes or the way they speak. however they do not use the most commonly used cuss words referring to a person’s mother or sister.
This show is beamed directly to millions of Indian households across the world and  is touted as a  completely family oriented show with one of the highest viewership ever.On the other hand there was a show recently held in Mumbai called AIB Roast, featuring Bollywood celebrities like Karan Johar, Ranvir Singh,Arjun Kapoor and others.  This  show was ticketed and  held for a closed audience of 4000 people. It was clearly advertised as  meant for 16+ audience with offensive language.

The participants in this show,spoke in a language , most young adults  of India speak in,  whether urban or rural male or female.
Basically making good natured  crude fun of  others but also taking it from others when it was their turn to be roasted.

Judging by their reactions, the audience and the participants enjoyed the show very much.It was never broadcast and was only made available on you tube where a person has to know what to look for and then perform a specific search to get the desired video.After the YouTube upload went viral, Culture Vultures called it the worst ever attack on India’s cultural values and traditions and there was an outcry to ban it and arrest the organizers.

To sum upOne Nation
Two shows
One gets toasted
Other gets roasted


By Amitabh Saxena




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