Akshay’s Nephew On KKK 4




Akshay’s Nephew On KKK 4Apart from tutoring contestants on Khatron Ke Khiladi 4, Akshay Kumar has been on a recommendation spree on the show he returns to after a gap of one season. The latest is that he got his cousin’s model-son from Delhi, Sunit Bhatia, to participate as actor Aashka Goradia’s partner. It seems like the duo have made it pretty far into the newest edition of the desi Fear Factor.

Sunit, who claims he has no phobia, agreed to do the show as it was something novel. “I don’t know of any other show in India that has such high benchmarks for stunts and that provides a platform to models and actors. I’m sure I’ll discover some fears and overcome them before I return to India,” he says. When asked what he thought of being on the show with his uncle, Sunit beams, “He’s India’s answer to anything action. He’s the god of adventure for me. It wouldn’t be an exaggeration to say that what Sachin Tendulkar is to cricket, Akshay sir is to stunts.”  The shooting, unlike the previous season, is on schedule. Akshay and the remaining contestants, are expected to return from Capetown, South Africa, next week.




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