All’s Well With Kareena: Rani




All’s Well With Kareena: RaniBack in 2002, they worked together in Mujhse Dosti Karoge. But as Rani Mukerji and Kareena Kapoor come together again in Reema Kagti’s next, The Act of Murder, rumours suggest the two have maintained a studied distance from each other. But Rani is not amused.
She says, “There’s no point reacting to rumours. Actually, you must interview both Kareena and me together to know the truth. The same thing happened during No On Killed Jessica (2011). And when Vidya (Balan) and I did the promotions of the film together, the rest was history.”
Rani goes on to insist that she and Kareena have maintained a friendship ever since their first film together. “We bonded during that film because we had a lot of scenes together. And whenever we meet, we only have nice things to say about each other because we have a mutual admiration society,” she says with a laugh.
Apparently, Reema’s script doesn’t offer Rani and Kareena any scenes together. “But Kareena is such a talented actor that it’s nice to have her and Aamir (Khan) in the film,” insists Rani, adding, “It’s always amazing to work with Aamir because you can learn a lot of things from him as an actor. He is very involved in his craft.”

Rani, whose role in No One Killed Jessica drew rave reviews, says she’s wanted to work with a female director for a long time. “Despite many opportunities, I never managed to do a film with them. So, I am happy to be working with Reema because she is simply a star,” says Rani, who apparently opted out of Deepa Mehta’s adaptation of Salman Rushdie’s novel Midnight’s Children.



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