Angelina’s Bosnian Story Questioned


Angelina Jolie’s directorial debut has hit a roadblock as a Croatian journalist has sued her for stealing his story for the film.

‘In the Land of Blood and Honey’, which opens in American theatres on December 23, is set in the Bosnian war and involves a love story between a Muslim woman Aija who falls in love with a Serb Daniijel.

Daniijel ends up becoming Aija’s jailer when the Bosnians are captured by the Serbs.

According to Radar Online, journalist James J Braddock claims that an article he wrote and published in 2007 is the basis for the film that Jolie has written and directed, the Daily Mail reported.

He has given examples of the similarities between his work and Jolie’s film in his legal document and demanded that the court award him damages.

‘The Subject Work’s main female character is subject to continuous abuse and rape by soldiers and officers in the camp,’ he said in the document.

‘In addition to being raped continuously by soldiers and officers, she is forced to become a servant at the camp headquarters, a duty assumed by very few of the captives,’ he added.

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