Anubhav Sinha Refuses To Shoot With SRK




Anubhav Sinha Refuses To Shoot With SRKNot many would turn down an offer to share screen space with Shah Rukh Khan. But that’s exactly what filmmaker Anubhav Sinha did during the shooting of Chammak chalo…, a song picturised on Kareena Kapoor at Yash Raj Studios for RA.One. Khan wanted Sinha to make a fleeting appearance in the song from his upcoming production.
During the shoot, Anubhav overheard Khan trying to pick a suit from half a dozen costumes. But it was when he overheard Khan saying, “This colour will look good on Anubhav”, that he realised he was being duped into making an appearance. “In no time, I had five to six people trying to convince me to do the shoot. And Shah Rukh was also telling me, ‘Anubhav, don’t worry. Bahut mazaa aayega… (it will be great fun)’ But I’m a very bad actor. I can’t stand in front of the camera to save my life. Many will give their right arm to be in the frame with Shah Rukh, but I won’t let anything spoil the frame he is in, not even myself,” says Anubhav, who ran away from the sets to avoid facing the camera.

The director recalls how his first brush with acting ended in a disaster. “During a sequence I was shooting in my initial days in the entertainment industry, I needed to take an over-the-shoulder shot of two people. So I got hold of a production boy and since I couldn’t find anyone else, I stood in the frame. But I just couldn’t stop laughing,” he says.

Meanwhile, Anubhav also rubbishes claims that Shah Rukh is secretly trying to rope in international stars like Lady Gaga or Shakira to sing for RA.One. “I don’t know where such talks originate from. Shah Rukh keeps bumping into these stars. But besides Akon, I don’t think any other international artiste is being roped in,” he says.



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