Asha Bhosle To Make Acting Debut With Maaee



She has been the leading voice of Bollywood for close to six decades but at 77, singer Asha Bhosle has decided to take up another challenge. She is all set to make an acting debut with Hindi film Maaee. The singer has done many music videos but it is for the first time that she is doing a lead role in a movie.
Asha Bhosle To Make Acting Debut With MaaeeThe film is being produced by Subhash Dawar-Nitin Shankar and tells the story of what happens when a woman is abandoned by her only son and then goes to live with her daughter and son-in-law. The film will be directed by debutante Mahesh Kodiyal. “It was something that I hadn’t done so far. My fans know very well that I do whatever my heart says is good to do.



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