Asin Ready For Love, Not Marriage

Shuttling between the shooting schedules for Bodyguard with Tollywood actor Vikram, and Ready with Salman Khan, Asin “is grateful to having got a day off to celebrate her birthday with friends and family today”.
Asin Ready For Love, Not MarriageNow that the actor is 25 years old, does she have any plans to settle down? “If I meet a nice person, why not? I am open to love. When you live a public life, it’s difficult to find a date,” says the actor, before clarifying that she is not planning to get married anytime soon as she is concentrating on her career. “But I am not shutting out a possibility of a romance,” she says. Though she doesn’t have a list of “must-haves” for her boyfriend to fit into, she does “value integrity and character a lot”.

The actor, who started working in films at a very young age, never had the time to develop crushes on anyone. But now that she has a chance, will she be the one to make the first move in a budding romance?

“Even if I like someone, I don’t think I would make the first move. I am not consciously anticipating or planning anything. I think the guy needs to make the first move.”

Meanwhile, for her 25th birthday today, three of her childhood friends have flown in from Liverpool, Australia and New York. “I am pleasantly surprised that they came all the way,” says Asin.

Last year her parents had surprised her by decorating the house, while Salman’s (Khan) younger sister came over with a few friends and brought her a cake at midnight.

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