‘Before Making A Film, We Never Think About It Being A Multi-Starrer’

Remakes seem to be the theme of next year with Abbas Mustan’s Players coming up in the first week of January.

The film is a remake of the Hollywood movie, Italian Job. The director duo, while talking about the film, said, “We loved Italian Job and realised that a lot of people haven’t seen the film. In fact, there were two of them made in 1969 and 2003, and we have taken inspiration from both the movies.”

The Indian audience loves the drama and masala of Bollywood movies and this was something that needed to be added in the film Players. “We could not use Italian Job as it was, we needed to adapt it to the Indian audience. We have added situations, songs and emotions in the movie to make it more interesting,” they said.

Fast- paced, suspense thrillers like Italian Job have the ability to keep their audience captivated for a long time. Abbas-Mustan have retained the basic taste of the original. “People love the commotion in such films. The way the actors escape through tunnels and drainage pipes makes the film interesting. The double crossing and the scheming and plotting are something which keeps them glued to the screen. This is what we have retained in our film as well,” they explained.

Most Abbas-Mustan films, whether Race or Chori Chori Chupke Chupke, are multi-starrers. The brothers explain how this is a very natural decision. “Before making a film, we never think about it being a multi-starrer. Once the script is ready, we decide the star cast. This makes the stars comfortable as well.”

Speaking about the star cast of Players, they disclosed that Abhishek Bachchan had been their prime choice right from the beginning. “We always wanted to take Abhishek Bachchan for this role. After that we needed a young girl so we thought of Sonam Kapoor and then Bipasha, who has featured in our earlier movies as well and she fits the role perfectly,” said the duo.

Shooting in foreign locations is something that has always been done in Bollywood. But the locations chosen for Players are different from the rest. A part of the movie has been shot in the North Pole. Talking about the experience, Mastan said, “No one has ever shot a film there. It has been the best experience for us, so far. We knew we couldn’t go in the winter as it is dark all day. So we went just before the summer. It was the perfect time. All the lakes and rivers were frozen. There was only one hotel. Even though everyone had to adjust there, we were all happy. It was the experience of a lifetime.”

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