Begum Wishes Tea With Thackeray

He was the reason the Shiv Sena staged a protest against ‘Bigg Boss 4’ but reality show’s latest evictee, Pakistani artist Begum Nawazish Ali wants to make peace with party supremo Bal Thackeray.

Begum Wishes Tea With ThackerayBegum aka Ali Salim, a TV personality, and actress Veena Malik were two Pakistani artistes included on the show, which did not go down well with the Sena.

“I want Bal Thackeray to invite me for a cup of tea, over which I would tell him that I am a messenger of peace. I would like to know if I have committed any mistake and apologise if any of my actions have been offending,” said Ali.

His eviction comes within days of the Sena protest. The political party not only protested against the inclusion of Pakistani artistes, but also called for a ‘bandh’ in Lonavala where the show is being shot.

“I am an entertainer, my job is to entertain. I was doing my job and these people are doing theirs. It did not affect me in anyway as long as I was inside the house, I did not know any of it,” said Ali, who got voted out on Friday.

He was nominated along with actress Shweta Tiwari and Veena but Ali says he was expecting the eviction and is glad that he is out of the house finally.

“I wanted to exit gracefully before things turned uglier. So far I was a happy-go-lucky person but I didn’t know till when things would have remained that way. Also I knew before joining the show that I won’t last for long,” he said.

The cross-dressing chat show host was not prepared to face the house rules and the politics among contestants on this controversial show.

“I am a very free-spirited person and can’t live with so many restrictions. I had never watched Bigg Boss before so had no idea how tough surviving in that house is going to be. I did not have any strategy,” added Ali.

His only reason behind entering the show was to find a place in showbiz in India and come closer to viewers, which Begum thinks has been fulfilled to some extent.

“Indian films and Tv channels are extremely popular in Pakistan. Every Pakistani artist wants to come and work here,” said Ali.

The 20 days he spent locked inside the house without any connection with the outer world also served as an escape from the turbulent times his country is going through.

“Pakistan is currently festered with problems like floods and terrorist attacks, which depressed me greatly. I wanted to get away from all that,” said Ali.

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