‘…Being Sexy Is Certainly Cool’








'…Being Sexy Is Certainly Cool' Other actresses may haw and hum and finally show skin aplenty on and off screen, but model-turned-actress Mrinalini Sharma prefers to talk straight! The Delhi gal, who is an IPS officer’s daughter, and whose film Soundtrack will be released soon, says: ‘I am not a hypocrite and I prefer to match my words with my actions. In Soundtrack, I am playing a girl, who is brazen and believes in getting what she wants! That’s my most bold role till date!”

Mrinalini, whose bold and bindaas portrayal in Soundtrack opposite Rajeev Khandelwal is creating a lot of buzz, says: “I would never do anything that is obscene and vulgar, but I feel being sexy is certainly cool, especially if you can carry that image with great amount of dignity.” Does that mean she is ready to don a bikini onscreen? “Wearing a bikini is no big deal! We all wear it when we go swimming! I fail to understand why people make so much of hue and cry over it! I will never wear a bikini just to titillate the audience, but if a role demands, I know I can carry a two-piece bikini with aplomb” says she.

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