Bhandarkar Concerned About Heroine’s Pregnancy




Bhandarkar Concerned About Heroine's PregnancyDespite the fact that Ash has committed to finishing Heroine, the producers are worried about fitting the ‘pregnant Ash’ in the film.

Meanwhile Aishwarya who has committed dates till the 30th of July to the film has been shooting “round the clock”, reports a news daily. Madhur too has been shooting fast to finish the film on time.

Reporting that more than half of the film is complete, the daily claims that she started shooting again just a few days after returning from Paris from a media campaign organised by her international watch brand. Ash plans to complete her shooting commitments and then take a sabbatical from work. However, her look in the film is the main cause for concern. The plot of Heroine is “a realistic and hard hitting take” on the life of a Bollywood superstar, Mahi. It gives a behind-the-scenes perspective on the glitz and glamour of the industry and goes through several phases of the protagonist’s life.

Ash is presumed to be in the fourth month of her pregnancy and still looking slim, but she will soon start putting on weight. It has been reported that one of the ways of weaving Ash’s pregnancy into the role is making the character gain weight during phases of depression. The plot has been altered to fit in a phase where Mahi is insecure about her position in the industry and takes to alcohol, which leads to puffiness and a gain in weight.



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