Bipasha, John Reunite For Money

Bipasha, John Reunite For MoneyIt’s a well-known fact that Bipasha Basu and John Abraham are going to share screen space in Abaas-Mustan-directed ‘Race 2’. In fact, the once upon a time couple has two scenes together in this action-adventure wonder.

There were talks sometime ago that Bipasha and John, post their break-up, couldn’t quite see eye-to-eye, and had begun to even ignore each other. However, better sense seems to have prevailed and the two managed to keep their differences aside and come together for Race 2.
A common friend of the couple’s tells us, “Bipasha and John had broken up months before they went to the media about it. They had planned to stay together and not announce their break-up for the sake of some few ad commitments they had made. The two were being paid quite a lot of money. And now, they are coming together again for a few scenes. I guess it’s purely because of the money and professional reasons. A few months down the line, the two may even do a full-fledged film together. Who knows?”
A person from with the industry maintains, “It’s difficult to be choosy in this industry. It’s a good thing John and Bipasha decided to come together, they’ve just opened the doors of opportunity much wider. They look good together, so it’s important that directors know they are willing to work together. Look at Ranbir and Deepika! They are getting together after their split, too. And it’s not only a bold step but also a very intelligent one.”

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