Dubai to host Miss India Worldwide 2014

New Delhi: Miss India Worldwide 2014, which will see over 40 winning contestants of Indian origin from 40 countries across the globe, will be held June 20 in Dubai.

“More than 40 contestants of Indian origin settled in various countries across the globe between the age of 17 years and 27 years, unmarried and citizens, residents, or born in the country they represent, will participate in the Miss India Worldwide pageant,” Anuj Saxena, national director, Miss India Worldwide and CEO of Maverick Productions, said in a statement.

Before the main event, more than 12 contestants selected from various Indian cities, including Bangalore, Mumbai and Kolkata, will compete with each other at the Miss India Worldwide India (MIWWI 2014) competition, which will be held June 7 in Pune.

The winner will participate at the final round in Dubai.

“Miss India Worldwide crown was started more than 20 years ago and is held in different countries every year,” said Saxena.

The pageant consists of four segments – Evening Gown, Indian Dress, Talent and Question-Answer round.

An added attraction will be Bollywood film festival and Indian culinary week to be held simultaneously during the event.

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