Sampoornesh Babu craze reaches Canada

Thanks to the Internet, Sampoornesh Babu became an overnight sensation. People began to post pictures of themselves in the infamous Sampoo pose and very soon, clips of his debut film, Hurdaya Kaleyam, went viral. 

While the film managed to do well when it opened in theatres, the Sampoo juggernaut is now moving to another country. Yes you heard it right. Sampoornesh Babu’s film, Hrudaya Kaleyam will now be screened in Canada. The Telugu Canada Foundation is sponsoring the film to the screened in the country. 

This gives a great boost to director Steven Shankar and his team. The movie have achieved this feat nearly three weeks post its release. Sampoornesh Babu is currently working on his next film, Kobbari Matta. 

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