‘Bollywood Dance Very Difficult’




Cat Deeley, host of popular dance reality show, So You Think You Can DanceSong and dance may be a staple in Hindi cinema, but in the West, even the most talented dancers are breaking bones to match their moves to Bollywood tunes. “It’s very difficult,” affirms Cat Deeley, host of popular dance reality show, So You Think You Can Dance. “Bollywood dance is very energetic, technically difficult and asks so much of the dancer. In fact, one of our contestants ruptured his Achilles’ tendon while practicing on ‘Maurya re…’ from Don (2006),” she adds.

Returning as host for the sixth consecutive season, Cat is all praise for Bollywood dance, which the show holds in high regard for its choreography. “The dancers know it’ll be taxing, but that they’ll really enjoy it. The music is great, costumes are amazing and it’s always fabulously done because it’s energetic and joyful,” she enthuses.

Ask her if she’s aware of the show’s desi spin-offs, and it’s upcoming Indian version, Just Dance, with Hrithik Roshan, and she says, “Yes, I think it would be fantastic. The show has travelled to so many countries, and it’s a great thing because dance is universal- irrespective of race, religion and creed. It should be celebrated all around the world.”

When it comes to her own dancing skills, Cat calls herself “terrible.”She says, “I enjoy it only after a couple of cocktails. I’d never be able to do it professionally, but I’ll give Bollywood dance a go at least once.” Cat is also quite excited about the new season of her show, which went on air this Monday. “Some of the best dancers from the previous season are returning and celebrity choreographer Mia Michaels will be a judge,” she adds.



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