Bollywood’s Latest ‘Latka, Jhatka’ Heroine



Hazel CrowneyUnless you don’t don a sexy red sari, you don’t qualify as a Bollywood heroine and the latest actress to do so is Hazel Crowney.

Sridevi made it famous and the trend continues to bedazzle Indian men!

Hazel Crowney is all set to woo Ravi Kissen in her traditional avatar with latkas and jhatkas in the upcoming movie Jeena Hai Toh Thok Daal.

The actress will entice Ravi Kissen wearing a red hot chiffon sari in the locales of Bihar.

With this, the British model will be a part of Bollywood’s age old Indian formula to attract the hero. It’s the quintessential Sari song that every actress does at one point of time. Who can forget Madhuri’s “dhak dhak” act or Sushmeeta Sen’s sultry self in Main Hoon Na or Sridevi’s blue sari in Mr. India. Chiffon has ruled Bollywood in every decade. Not to mention, it has always worked with the audience and given the movies an extra zing.

In the newer lot even Katrina Kaif and Kareena Kapoor have had their share of sari songs. Will the Brit beauty be able to match up to the likes of these Indian beauties?

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