Bollywood’s Newest Size Zero Queen

Now that Kareena Kapoor is evidently chubbier than ever before, who is the latest B’town beauty to dethrone Bebo and claim the prestegious tag “queen of size zero?” The title goes to Katrina Kaif.

Queen of Size ZeroAs seen in promos of Tees Maar Khan, Kat is definitely many sizes smaller than what she used to be. In fact, recently Bebo couldn’t stop gushing about Kat’s figure. Apparently, Bebo had declared Kat the queen of size zero during the Being Human fashion show.

So what does Kat have to say to this? Believe it or not but Kat is playing humble. She reciprocated by saying that the title only belongs to Kareena after Tashan and should always remain with her.

Size zero or not, the real battle is fought at the BO and wonder seems like Kat is going to have to work hard after Kareena nailed it with Golmaal.


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