‘Bunty The Superchor’ To Be Back On TV?

Devinder Singh, better known as ‘Bunty The Superchor’, was made to leave the Bigg Boss House right on the first day because he was found to be extremely abusive and a physical threat to other contestants.

'Bunty The Superchor' To Be Back On TV?Singh, whose story of more than 350 robberies inspired the Abhay Deol film Oye Lucky Lucky Oye (2009), says he will go back to his business in Delhi.

“I run a detective agency. It’s known to be the most popular one in the Capital. I have a decent clientele and manage to get a good number of cases since Delhi is also known to be the crime capital of the country. Whenever I switch on a news channel, I find some crime being reported from Delhi,” says Singh, who reportedly hires only qualified thieves.

“I was a thief earlier and so I know how a thief or any criminal thinks when committing a crime. I know where a criminal mind goes wrong and it becomes a little easier to nab him or her. I hire people based on how well one can decode a criminal mind and I bet no one can do it better than another criminal,” reasons Singh, who was offered three TV shows before he entered the Bigg Boss House.

“I thought this show could make me popular and I’d fetch more work on TV because it reaches out to almost every household in the country. For now, I’m out of the house. But I still have the other TV show offers open. So, I have nothing to worry. Business to hai hi (I have my business to fall back on),” he smiles.

When asked if he’s completed his jail term for the robberies committed, Singh says, “It’s an old story now. I didn’t commit 350 robberies. That’s an exaggerated figure. I was thrown out of my house at a very young age. I thought maybe by doing what I was doing, I could become a wealthy guy.” He adds, “Today, I don’t have a family but I have friends whose families treat me like their own child.”


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