Claudia Shoots With Spanish Footballer Iniesta

 claudiaModel-turned-actress Claudia Ciesla recently shot an ad for a wine brand with Spanish footballer Andres Iniesta, who plays for La Liga club FC Barcelona and the Spanish national team. The duo has been chosen the ambassadors of the brand.

Says Claudia, “Shooting with Andres was definitely an experience of a lifetime for me. Actually, we were to shoot earlier, but it kept getting postponed because of his packed schedule. He could finally squeeze time out and was cooperation personified. He does not know much English and we communicated through a translator. He has such a huge fan following that it is impossible for him to walk on the streets of Spain without getting mobbed. One could easily say that he is the Sachin Tendulkar of Spain.”

Recalling the day of the shoot, she says, “Andres’ agent sent me a message that he had kept a gift for me as a thank you note. I was touched. He has promised to visit India sometime in June and I plan to show him landmark monuments like the Taj Mahal and India Gate.”

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