‘Dance Like No One’s Watching’

'Dance Like No One's Watching' “I have always been into dancing since my school days. Though I come from a family of Kathak dancers with my mother and two sisters being experts, I was never attracted to Classical dance.

Instead I chose to learn contemporary freestyle dancing and studied it for a year or so,” says Natasha Suri. The model and TV show host says the fact that you can express your state of mind whether extreme joy or pain through dance is what makes it so appealing. She feels an immense sense of relief after dancing which is why she loves it so much. “I think everyone should dance to their heart’s content. Dance like no one is watching, every now and again. Just totally let go of all your inhibitions.” In fact, Natasha looks forward to all her friend’s weddings, just so that she can dance at the various functions. The former Miss India is also very fond of listening to music old hindi classic numbers especially lift her mood and put her in a totally different zone altogether. Hip hop and Bollywood tracks, anything that can get her feet moving and make her want to get up and dance are her first choice.

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