Delhi Belly Track Inspired By 50 Cent




Delhi Belly Track Inspired By 50 CentAfter playing a rock artiste and a ‘ghazal’ singer in the two videos of Delhi Belly, Imran Khan is going international in the third track from uncle Aamir Khan’s new production. Under the aegis of maami Kiran Rao, the young actor has done a take-off on the hip-hop singer, 50 Cent for his song, Switty tera pyaar chaida…

Apparently, it was Kiran’s idea to give Imran a rapper-like get-up for the song, composed by Ram Sampath and written by Munna Dhiman. So we have the actor sporting a jacket and a cap worn sideways, and not to forget the number of chains around his neck. To add to effect, choreographer Rajesh Yadav gave appropriate hip-hop moves to not only Imran, but Vir Das and Kunal Roy Kapur as well, who also feature in the video.

Stressing on the lines, “Mainu gal karni nahin aunti, Aape dil di baat samajh lai…”, a crew member from the film explains, “It’s like an out and out request from a distressed lover to his beloved, asking her to reciprocate his love as he’s not really good at expressing his feelings.”

Confirming the source of inspiration, Imran asserts that each promotional video has been conceptualised and designed in accordance to the lyrics and music of the song. “Kiran, who thought of and designed the Switty… track, wanted it to be hip-hop since it fits in perfectly with the sound of this number,” says the actor, adding that they’ve also incorporated some moves of other artistes like Eminem and Akon too, apart from 50 Cent.  “It’s a fun track about a guy who can’t voice his emotions to his girlfriend and it’s very aptly treated too,” Imran signs off.



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