Did Abhishek Upset SRK After IPL Loss?




Did Abhishek Upset SRK After IPL Loss?Shah Rukh Khan’s IPL team Kolkata Knight Riders was knocked out of IPL after they lost to Mumbai Indians and yet SRK, being the good friend that he is, ushered in Karan Johar’s 39th birthday party. But Abhishek Bachchan walked in wearing a Mumbai Indian jersey to SRK’s house!
AB Jr walked in an hour after Bhajji hit the winning six against Kolkata Knight Riders wearing the Mumbai Indian jersey. “Abhishek ne yeh kya pehna hai?” soon became the topic of discussion, it was reported.
So, how did SRK react? Being a sportsman, SRK took it rather sportingly. A source said, “He was the host of the party. Also, SRK is a very charming man. Toh uske chehre pe toh kuch nahi dikha,” informed an eyewitness. Not just that, Abhishek also met his alleged ex-flame Rani Mukerji with a raised eye brow.



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