Did Shazahn Padamsee Go Under The Knife?



Did Shazahn Padamsee Go Under The Knife? Bollywood actresses seem to be working really hard to look ‘different’ these days. The latest in this line-up is the bubbly 23-year-old Shazahn Padamsee. A pretty face, even before she joined Bollywood, Shazahn is looking prettier now with chiseled cheekbones and a thinner chin.

With her before and after pictures showing a marked difference, the rumour mills have started working overtime. The industry is abuzz with talk of her having gone under the knife.

However, when asked about her new-found jaw line and cheek bones, Shazahn retorted, “If you want to compare pictures of me from ages ago to now, there will be a considerable difference. I’m totally into fitness and healthy eating since the last couple of years. So if you’re saying I’m looking better, it’s just my hard work paying off.” Is that what they call it these days?

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