Diva Mallika Spreading Tantrum Culture?

            Diva Mallika Spreading Tantrum Culture?Even as there are hardly any releases of Mallika Sherawat besides the cash registers of her limited releases not ringing, the tantrum queen behaves like a diva.

In fact, she has cultivated the image very cleverly. Known to be highly demanding she often throws tantrums on the sets and has her way most of the time. Recently, she was required to tour various cities to promote Kismet Love Paisa Delhi but Mallika’s demands burnt a huge hole in the producer’s pocket.

She insisted that six members of her staff including her personal manager and spot boy would travel business class with her. Obviously, it was tough for the production house but the actress refused to budge and there was no choice left for the producer. Apparently, this attitude has also rubbed off on her personal manager and team who too throw tantrums and are hugely demanding while on shoots.

Some time back when Mallika was invited on a reality show, while the boss refused to go ahead with the shoot unless alphonso mangoes were organized for her and provided then and there, her PR team kept harassing the channel production team with their demands for chips, tea, biscuits…every now and then. Forget her career in movies, guess the lady wants to be in news in some way or the other.

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