Dolly Bindra Abuses Manoj Tiwari

Seems like Dolly Bindra and Manoj Tiwari have gotten into a fight for the second time in two weeks. After screaming at him for touching her last week, this time Dolly refused to serve him eggs for breakfast which let to an explosive argument.

Dolly Bindra Abuses Manoj TiwariDolly, who is the new kitchen captain this week, ordered the housemates to finish the left-overs from the previous night to avoid wastage. Manoj demanded eggs, and obviously the adamant captain refused. Manoj gets upset about being refused and starts questioning Dolly. While Dolly tries to reason with him, he passes a comment, “Kitchen kisi ke baap ka nahi hai” and all hell broke loose.

This triggers Dolly, who takes it personally and screams at Manoj “Baap pe jaana nahi.” The entire house is taken aback with this roaring tussle between Manoj and Dolly.

Interestingly, when the fight was still on, Ashmit and Veena sneaked away to spend some quality time with each other.

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