‘Ekta’s Groom Should Be Like SRK’


'Ekta's Groom Should Be Like SRK'Just months after Ekta Kapoor’s best friend Neelam Kothari walked the aisle, the TV queen’s family has started hunting for an eligible bachelor for her. The Kapoor family has started looking for a dulha for their 36-yr-old daughter. Buzz is that, they have not just forwarded her kundali to pundits but also asked all the family elders to look out for an eligible groom.

Ekta’s brother, Tusshar said, “Yes we are very concerned about Ekta finding the right match. It has come to a point where I now go to parties and social gatherings only to check out prospective husbands for her!”

Seems like the task of groom hunting is taking a toll on her younger brother, as the actor revealed, “It has come to a point where the minute I see a guy of a certain age I start making discreet inquires about his family life, work details, etc. It’s a scary thought, but I’ve become like one of those marriage-obsessed characters in Ekta’s serials.”

With success being her middle name, finding the right match for the TV queen is no cakewalk. Agrees Tusshar, “It has to be someone more successful than her and who can influence her. That’s a tall order. It has to be someone like Shah Rukh Khan. We are looking. If Yash Chopra and Karan Johar think there’s someone somewhere for all of us then it’s just a matter of time before we find the right person for Ekta.”




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