Emraan, Jacqueline Fast To Look Hot



Emraan, Jacqueline Fast To Look HotFor their steamy scenes in Murder 2, director Mohit Suri wanted actors Emraan Hashmi and Jacqueline Fernandes to look as hot as they could, hence all the extra flab and bulge had to go. Before shooting for those scenes, he asked both of them not to eat for 48 hours.
Of course, he was happy with the results. But after shooting those scenes, he forgot to tell them to go ahead and eat. And Emraan and Jackie too didn’t eat anything thinking more sequences need to be canned. Mohit only realised it when an assistant director reminded him about it as he went about doing retakes for the perfect shot.

“I felt very bad but it completely slipped my mind to let them eat. However, you can check with them, I took them to their favourite restaurant in Goa for dinner later,” says Mohit. Ask Jackie about it and she laughs: “After making us fast, Mohit took us out for dinner. So I forgive him for making us fast those extra hours.”



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