Farah Khan Spills The Beans On Mother-in-Law

Farah Khan Spills The Beans On Mother-in-Law)

Farah Khan Spills The Beans On Mother-in-Law)

Mumbai:  Director-choreographer Farah Khan praises her mother-in-law Geetanjali Kunder for her support and culinary skills, but rues that the latter cooks only for her son and grandchildren.

Choreographer-filmmaker Farah is married to director-producer Shirish Kunder.

Farah, who judges “DID Super Moms”, was joined by her mother-in-law on the set of the dance reality show. Geetanjali brought idli-chutney for Farah and her co-judges Mithun Chakraborty and Master Marzi Pestonji.

During the saas (mother-in-law) special episode, Farah revealed things she loves and hates about her mother-in-law.

“My sasu maa (mother-in-law) cooks lovely food, but it is so annoying that every time she cooks something, I never find my share in any of it. It is like she only cooks for her son and grandchildren!” Farah, a mother of three children, said.

Farah feels left out when Geetanjali talks to her son (Shirish) in Tulu (language spoken in parts of Karnataka and Kerala).

“Whenever she and Shirish are together in a room, they begin to talk in Tulu, which for all that I understand of Tulu could very well be Greek or Latin,” said the director of “Main Hoon Na”.

“However, she is also one of the sweetest people I know. Whenever I am not around, she is the one who looks after my babies. I do not think I would be able to work as much as I do if she wasn’t a part of our lives. I also tend to call her daadi (grandmother), which is something she doesn’t like one bit,” she added.


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