Flamboyant Rishi Is Shy Ranbir’s Biggest Critic

As the Kapoors entered the packed hall, there was palpable excitement. The session with star-father Rishi Kapoor and his equally famous son Ranbir Kapoor was one of the most eagerly awaited moments on day one of a Leadership Summit organized by a leading publication.

Flamboyant Rishi Is Shy Ranbir's Biggest CriticAs Rishi marched on ahead, Ranbir struggled to catch up – he was mobbed repeatedly for pictures.

The conversation started with advisory Editorial Director Vir Sanghvi asking them if the caricature of the “typical Kapoor who loves to eat and drink” was true. “They say blue eyes and black label run in the family. I didn’t get the blue eyes but got the black label,” Rishi joked. Ranbir, said unlike a “Kapoor drinker, I’m much more of a social drinker”. Both tasted success early.

Rishi was just a teenager when his hit film Bobby was released. Ranbir is just three years in the profession and is already a name to reckon with. Both agreed they handled “early fame” differently.

“I was boisterous, had a red sports car and was an absolute brat,” said Rishi.

Ranbir was 24 when he made his debut.

“So, I was a little older. Also, I realised, surrounded as I was by relatives in films, hits and flops are part of the bargain.”

Talking about the bond between them, Ranbir said Rishi was a strict father.

“One look from him and I know I am wrong.”

Rishi added his relationship with father Raj Kapoor wasn’t very friendly either.

“This generation is different. Though Ranbir isn’t tongue-tied in front of me, he has never been disrespectful. I want to thank him for that.”


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