Golmaal 3 Sued, Shreyas Talpade Shocked

While Golmaal 3 is raking it in at the box office as this year’s biggest laugh riot, The Indian Stammering Association (TISA) for one is not at all amused. They recently sued the film for mocking people who stammer. And the actor who plays the character with the speech disability, Shreyas Talpade, is shocked to say the least.
Golmaal 3 Sued, Shreyas Talpade Shocked “If you ask me, I would ask you whether I have offended anybody. I apologise if unknowingly we have done that. Our intention was not to poke fun at those who suffer from this condition. Trust me, we are the last people to misuse people’s emotions and exploit weaknesses,” says Talpade, who until now was enjoying the biggest hit in his career.
The actor goes on to say that in the Golmaal series, if any ailments or weaknesses are portrayed, they are only highlighted as strengths. “If you have seen Golmaal 2, Tusshar’s (Kapoor) character, a mute guy, ends up with the heroine in the movie,” reiterates Talpade, who was very surprised to see that his portrayal had ended up hurting sentiments.
Meanwhile, taking on Golmaal 3 was a big step for the actor and a needed break from the serious roles he has played in the past. “I am a prankster in real life. When Rohit (Shetty) approached me for Golmaal 3, I was more than happy to hop on board. I thought this would be a great way to portray my comic talent and luckily for me, it worked,” says Talpade, adding that he would even love to be part of Golmaal 4. “But nothing is final yet. In fact, Rohit hasn’t even started work on it. But whenever that happens, I’m sure he will keep me in mind.”

And has having changed perceptions opened new avenues for him? “After films like Dor (2006) and Iqbaal (2005), people thought that I could only do serious roles. There were a few directors who even told me that they liked my acting, but were not sure whether I could pull off a comedy. Golmaal gave people the confidence that I can be humourous as well,” says Talpade, who has more than enough on his plate.

He has already begun shooting for his forthcoming projects — Rakeysh Omprakash Mehra’s Teen Thay Bhai, Sagar Bellery’s Hum, Tum and Shabana and Sai Kabeer’s Chemistry.


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