Govinda’s Film Too Naughty For Censor Board




Govinda’s act of a desperate forty-year-old unmarried man might be a comic one, but its humour was certainly lost on the Censor Board. The film Naughty@ 40 has been given an ‘A’ certificate for its adult scenes. However, the actor is not convinced and doesn’t agree with the decision. He says there aren’t any ‘hardcore bedroom scenes’. “Recently, when eminent journalist and film critic Taran Aadarsh saw the film he said that there was no requirement for an ‘A’. It doesn’t need! Though I totally respect the Board’s perspective, but there are no hardcore bed-room scenes in the films. There are far too many films with nudity which go by as uncensored,” said Govinda
However, the actor is not too perturbed by the certificate. “A certificate doesn’t matter. Those who will watch it first and like it will definitely spread the word and I am so sure that college-goers will come to see it. It is a fun film. Even families can watch it. In 1988, my film Hatya too was given an A-certificate. Jabki usmein aisa kuch bhi nahi tha. (When there was no such content in it). I don’t fight on these things.”

Producer Anuj Sharma feels the film subject was possibly too bold for the censor board. “An unmarried man wants to get married and is craving for sex. Bachchon ke liye nai hai, thodi adult hai (It’s not for kids, it’s meant for adults). But while shooting for the film, we made it a point to keep it as normal as possible,” he said. The film directed by Jag Mundhra was set to release on April 29.




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