Gulshan Grover, The Good In The ‘Bad’

         Gulshan Grover, The Good In The ‘Bad’He may be a ‘bad man’ for the audience. But when it comes to playing a character, actor Gulshan Grover does it like puja (worship). “I was born into a  business family and have grown up believing work is worship. It may be a negative or positive character for people, but for me it’s love and puja that I do with full shiddat (dedication),” says the actor.

Grover was in Lucknow to shoot for Tigmanshu Dhulia’s Bullet Raja. In the film, Grover dons the villain’s hat once again. “I’m playing Bajaj in the film, but the character is so big that I am addressed as Bajaj Saheb. My role is all about money, strength and power. It’s a negative but very different and tremendous role,” says the actor. “He (Tigmanshu Dhulia) has been a fabulous filmmaker. Now the masses too have realised how brilliant a director he is,” Grover says. The actor, best known for his unique onscreen appearances, has for the first time left the looks factor completely on the director.

“I don’t compromise on looks and am fully involved in them. But, for the first time, I have left that aspect on Tigmanshu. I have full faith in him and the producer Rahul Mittra who knows the pulse of the viewers.”

Grover is elated at having been nominated for National Awards (I am Kalam) but amused with awards functions on the whole. “How many real villains or comedians get awards for their work? It’s the heroes who are accommodated in categories such as best actor in a negative role. This has become commercial business!”

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