‘Heroines Are Not Props’

            'Heroines Are Not Props'    Asin says it is unfair to simply call a female lead as a prop in a male-oriented film. Defending her stand, the actor says, “I don’t think anybody is a prop (in a film). You need a female protagonist, a heroine, and only she can do the role. So it is not fair to call anybody a prop.”

After making her mark in the southern film industry, Asin, 27, made her Bollywood debut with Ghajini in 2008. Since then, she has been part of many successful films such as Ready, Bol Bachchan and Housefull 2. “I am satisfied with the roles I’ve got. It is not easy to come from south to north. Both audiences want different (types of) heroines. So it is not an easy task. Otherwise, everyone would be doing it,” she says.

Even if none of her films did well, Asin says she knows how to take it in her stride. “Only two of my films have had an ensemble cast. I am proud and happy that I did those films as I formed professional relationships with many stars. I am sure that there are better films ahead,” she adds.

Mostly, all of Asin’s Hindi films have been successes at the box office. So, does her presence guarantee moolah for a film? “I don’t give any guarantee. But all my movies have been successful so far, due to God’s grace. But I have no set formula. I work with teams who I like to work with. I think that’s the formula. I select universally appealing and fun scripts,” says Asin, whose next release is Khiladi 786.

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