How Koena Relieves Stress!

koenaActress Koena Mitra feels that these days almost everyone lives life in the fast lane. “Everyone is focused on work and stress is very common. Though most of the times we are so caught up, it’s very important to relax every once in a while. I do a lot of things that helps me relieve my stress.”

For her music is something she prefers as the best option. “I keep updating my ipod with the latest music from all genres and it’s the best way I can possibly de stress myself. Music helps me be upbeat and at the same time has a soothing effect, depending on what sort of music I am listening to. It tends to take me into a completely different world and some way or the other my worries go to a bare minimum.”

Apart from music, she says she loves pampering herself once in a while by hitting the spa to rejuvenate. “Very honestly I have learnt to keep my stress level low over time because it’s the matter of the mind and how well do you control it.”

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