‘I Can’t Look Or Behave Like A Dacoit’

Unlike Singh Is Kinng (2008), her last two films didn’t exactly get her notice. De Dana Dan (2009) managed to break even and Raat Gayi Baat Gayi (2009) lived up to its title. Undeterred, Neha Dhupia is optimistic about her forthcoming films, Action Replayy and Phas Gaye Re Obama, in which she plays a dacoit, who has adapted UP Chief Minister, Mayawati’s accent. 

‘I Can’t Look Or Behave Like A Dacoit’Point out to her that her contrasting movies have been opening in cinemas around the same time and Dhupia says it’s all a coincidence. “I’ve never taken up roles keeping this in mind,” she clarifies, adding, “More important for me is understanding the script, playing my role to the best of my abilities and improving by the day. As for getting diverse roles, I think I’m fortunate to get work in different genres.”

What is working more for Dhupia is that she manages to make an equal impact in playing a strong supporting role in a mainstream movie like Singh Is Kinng and a niche film like Mithya (2008). “My choice of scripts is not driven by the measure of what I am doing in it, but by what kind of reach the film has. Every movie is made with a reason, whether it’s a big project which creates awareness from the start or a smaller one which raises curiosity for what it can churn out as a subject,” she states as her reasons for taking up Action Replayy and Phas Gaye Re Obama.

While she rewinds to the 1970’s in the Vipul Shah film toplining Akshay Kumar and Aishwarya Rai Bachchan, her dacoit role in new director Subhash Kapoor’s Phas Gaye Re Obama is more talked about. “I told Subhash that I can’t look or behave like a dacoit. And he didn’t know me well enough to say that I could play the role. But he insisted that he believed that only I could do it,” she says. Dhupia will also be seen playing Eva Braun in Dear Friend Hitler, which has Raghuvir Yadav essaying the role of the Nazi dictator. “It’s too early to say anything about this movie right now as we’ve started shooting only recently,” she says.


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