‘I’m On The Lookout For A Man Who Won’t Let Me Down’

 'I'm On The Lookout For A Man Who Won't Let Me Down'

‘I’m On The Lookout For A Man Who Won’t Let Me Down’

The fashion diva and industry’s favourite, Sonam Kapoor is an independent and a headstrong girl. She seems extremely clear about almost everything in her life.

Very early into Bollywood, she got the opportunity to experience it all. However, did you know – she is absolutely scared of being herself and seeks solace in acting as it allows her to be a completely different individual!

On ‘Look Who’s Talking with Niranjan’, Sonam talks about her personal apprehensions and her relationships.

Sonam confessed to Niranjan that she has big plans for her personal and professional life.

She quips, “I am single and on the lookout for a man who won’t let me down. I would like to share all my stories with my children myself and not the image that has been created of me. I also want to be a producer, eventually. “

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