‘I’m Not A Victim Of Fashion’




Bipasha BasuShe is considered a style diva in Bollywood. And coincidences like the one at the recently concluded IIFA Awards in Toronto, Canada don’t upset Bipasha Basu. Her latest comments come in the wake of reports about her and Ameesha Patel’s similar dresses on the green carpet at the award ceremony. “I was also surprised. But I can’t control what others wear,” she says. “I’m not a victim of fashion. You will never find me planning my red carpet dresses in advance. I zero in on 10 outfits and pick one.” Immediately after the faux pas, Bips had tweeted that a “fellow actress landed up wearing the same dress in a different colour as me on the green carpet!” To which, Ameesha had hit back on Twitter saying, “Ramona Narang, the designer made my dress two months in advance. Fortunately, I don’t need to copy anyone. I know you (fans) are upset at some nasty and not required comments made by another actor… As for copying, why would I??? How silly!”

Says Bipasha, “Since we happen to be celebrities, the media is always scrutinising us. But I’m comfortable with my style.” The actor, who was hobnobbing with Hollywood star Hilary Swank at IIFA, was also complimented on her gown. “In fact, Hilary told me about a similar incident that happened with her once. She wore a Burberry dress to an event and found Jessica Biel in a similar outfit. But she wasn’t flustered,” she says with a laugh. “Though she didn’t like when media called Jessica the ‘hotter’ one.”

With Abbas-Mustan’s Players and Roland Joffe’s Singularity to look forward to, Bipasha is keeping herself busy. Ask her how life is treating her after the much-publicised break-up with actor John Abraham and she smiles: “Life has been great after the break-up. I’m enjoying it.”

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