‘I’m Not Grieving’




'I'm Not Grieving'Bipasha Basu may be single after 17 years, but the actor says it’s nothing to mourn. “My life has not changed. It has always been super. I am not doing any new things…I am not grieving, if that’s what you want to know,” says the 32-year-old actor, referring to her split from actor John Abraham, her boyfriend of nine years. Abraham is reportedly upset about her open declaration of her single status. But Bips refuses to talk about John — “Let’s just talk about me,” she says.
Bipasha, who was in Delhi recently, spoke about her detention at the international airport in Mumbai recently. The actor who was let off after paying customs duty says,  “It wasn’t scary, it has happened to me before. What is scary is how the incident got sensationalised.” Excited about Singularity, her film with Hollywood actor Josh Hartnett, she says, “I couldn’t believe I was working with him. I had a crush on Josh when I first saw him!”



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