I’m Okay Wearing A Bikini: Sarah Jane




I'm Okay Wearing A Bikini: Sarah JaneModel-turned-actor Sarah-Jane Dias, 28, is a former beauty queen. Having made her acting debut in last year’s Tamil movie Theeradha Vilaiyattu Pillai, she will now be seen in Game, opposite actor Abhishek Bachchan. She says, ” Abhishek (co-star) never had starry airs about himself and made me comfortable right from the start. He understood that it was my first film and supported me. I auditioned for the role of Game and got shortlisted. Director Abhinay Deo narrated the film to me. I asked him, ‘Are you offering me the role?’ He replied, ‘Why did I narrate the whole film to you?'”

“I play Maya, a strong girl who faces many difficulties in life. She tries to escape her tough circumstances but gets sucked into them even more. I am okay wearing a bikini onscreen as I feel comfortable in one. I was also comfortable doing intimate scenes in Game as I am comfortable with Abhinay and Abhishek,” she says, adding, “The transition from modelling to acting has been natural for me. I never felt cautious because camera to me is like another person. I am in talks with a few leading directors and keeping my fingers crossed. Hopefully, I will sign some movies by the end of next month.”





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