‘I’m The Bad Cop At Home’

            'I’m The Bad Cop At Home'       Namrata Shirodkar talks about her parenting style and life with husband Mahesh Babu

When news of the birth of actor Namrata Shirodkar and her husband, superstar Mahesh Babu’s second baby went viral recently, it was only a matter of hours before it was seen for what it was: fake news. “Our baby is due only later in July,” clarifies Namrata, and seems baffled as to where such rumours originate from.

In their home, Namrata says that she is the strict disciplinarian in the family whereas husband Mahesh indulges their son completely. “I am more of the disciplinarian and the bad cop at home,” she laughs.

“Since Mahesh spoils our son, I have to balance it out. Our main aim is to befriend our kid as opposed to the situation in some homes where the children view their parents as policemen.” But when it comes to making decisions around the home, there is no one who is the boss. “Mahesh and I discuss everything before we make any decisions.”

The model-turned-actor and former Miss India, who is known for her roles in movies like Vaastav, Pukar, Hathyar and Bride & Prejudice, among others, and her south films too, is not sure of her future plans. Will she get back to acting again soon? “I don’t plan my life,” replies Namrata, “But as of now, I have no time at all. Mahesh has his hands full with all his work and since I handle some of his production, I am very busy too.”

Namrata, however, does keep herself updated on the world of movies. “We watch a lot of movies,” she says. “I am not totally out of all the movie news though I don’t follow it like the Bible. I enjoy a good movie, no matter what the genre.”

The couple also makes sure they spend exclusive time with their son, Gautam. “Mahesh is a hands-on father though he does not have too much free time because of his work. But whenever we can, we take short breaks and vacations and spend time together,” says Namrata.

She, however, finds that is impossible for her to manage all her work without some help. “Everyone has different styles of parenting and there is no right way to do so. I have help for my son and it works for me. If a woman can do it all on her own, that is brilliant because it is a very tough job.”

Namrata is excited about her decision to bank her second baby’s stem acells too and being able to spread the awareness of the benefits of stem cell banking. With tremendous potential in curing critical diseases, stem cell technology is the future of medical science. “It is a safeguard against diseases,” she says. “And the fact that many celebrities are also doing so is an indication of the growth of knowledge and how high awareness levels are.”

As for motherhood, Namrata says it’s a one-of-a kind experience. “It is also very humbling,” she says. “Every woman deserves to go through it once to understand its beauty.”

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