Imran, Dips Prefer Break-ups

Their characters may be on a break from their relationship in Break Ke Baad, but neither Imran Khan nor Deepika Padukone agree with this theory in real life.
Imran, Dips Prefer Break-upsThe forthcoming film will see the duo play Aaliyah and Abhay, a couple who agree to give each other breathing space, while still remaining committed to each other.
But the two actors are strongly opposed to applying this practice to their own relationships.
Padukone admits that she has never understood the concept of a break. “If things aren’t working out, then the couple must try to sort out their differences. A relationship requires continuous work. There’s no middle path for me,” she says.
Her co-star Khan agrees, adding, “If a relationship isn’t working, the couple should just break up. I’ve been in relationships, and have been through break-ups as well. But I wouldn’t ever resort to a break.”
It may be argued that relationships have evolved considerably, where live-in and open relationships are a far cry from the traditional setup. Padukone admits that the outlook towards relationships has changed. “But the feeling is the same,” she points out. “It’s the way people express their love nowadays that has changed.”

But how does one define the rules of a break? Padukone, unable to imagine herself in such a situation, is unsure of how it works. “It would probably give one the liberty to go out and meet new people, or to use that space to see how much they miss their partner,” she says, adding, “The time away may make them appreciate the other’s presence in their life.”

Comparing himself to his character in Break Ke Baad, Khan sums it up saying, “My views are very similar to Abhay’s. To me, a break just doesn’t make sense, it’s just like a break-up. Either you’re together or you’re not!”

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