Imran Grows A Moustache

         Imran Grows A MoustacheImran Khan for the first time ever in his career will be growing his moustache in order to reach the point of perfection for his character in his next film.

That’s right Imran will be growing a full fledged mustache for Milan Lutharia’s Once Upon A Time In Mumbai Again. Imran this year would be seen playing a lot of rustic characters in his films like Matru Ki Bijlee Ka Mandola, Once Upon A Time In Mumbai Again etc.

Imran previously had done a lot of films coming under the romantic genre, but now he is completely set to show us the rustic side of his. There were a lot of options for Imran regarding him sporting a moustache for his next film. There was an option wherein he could just stick a duplicate one.

But Imran insisted that he would grow a real moustache for his character in Once Upon A Time In Mumbai Again. We now know that Imran’s growing a real thick moustache to get the feel of the character.

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