Imran In Ladies Compartment On V-Day

Imran In Ladies Compartment On V-DayThe first time actor Imran Khan took the Mumbai local train, he traveled in the ladies compartment! Yes, and while the ladies may have smouldered any other man to ashes with just their looks or whacked the living daylights out of him, they were almost blushing this time. Not just that, Imran found himself boarding a new local every five minutes at Goregaon! Why? Because he was shooting for an advertisement for a Cola company in which he has to board a moving train. It’s only after boarding that he realizes he has got on to a ladies compartment, it was reported.
As far as the ladies were concerned, they certainly had an NOC (No Objection Certificate) engraved on their face. Earlier the shoot was scheduled to take place in an isolated place on a train set but that didn’t work out so they had to shoot in a local train. “Since they were shooting at an actual station, he had to keep getting into different local trains every five minutes. Special permission was taken for Imran to jump into the 24-hour ladies coach,” a source said.
Imran was rather thrilled too. “It was a lot of fun shooting the ad. It’s the first time that I travelled by train, and certainly the first time I traveled in a ladies compartment!” he said. And guess what was the day of the shoot, it was none other than Valentine’s Day. What better gift for the ladies! As long as Avantika doesn’t mind…


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