Internet Radio Targets Young South Asians


Toronto: The newly launched Naach Radio’s tagline says ‘Turn It Up And Naach, and they hope that they are heard loud and clear by the young audiences they are targeting.


To satisfy their appetite to consume music from various genres, South-Asians living in North America constantly find themselves switching between mainstream and South Asian focused entertainment channels. Naach Radio claims that that this segment is always on the lookout for a channel where they could listen to mainstream music by artists such as Jay-Z, Lady Gaga, Rihanna, Jay Sean along with South Asian music from artists such as, Imran khan RDB, H-Dhami, Delhi 2 Dublin, and Bollywood tracks such as Ainvayi Ainvayi (from the movie Band Baaja Baarat), and Mit Jaaye Gham (from the movie Dum Maaro Dum) – all in one place without having to change channels.


“Existing South Asian radio stations cater to our parents’ needs and not ours. Our generation is different from that of our parents, we crave both South Asian and mainstream music. We’re streetwise, tech-savvy, and cosmopolitan – Naach Radio is reflective of that” said Bhavini Sagar, Chief Operating Officer at Naach Radio. “Our market research indicated that we represented a large sector of the community, and therefore we decided to launch our own radio station to fill the gap in the market. The positive feedback from our listeners has been so overwhelming that we’ve had to move onto a dedicated web server to keep up with the number of listeners tuning in.”


The emerging trends in media and entertainment are all pointing to a technology dominated landscape, noting this, Naach Radio decided to pursue and establish a strong presence in the digital domain. “A strong online presence augmented with the capability to leverage social media tools that are integrated to our home-grown technology allows us to engage with our listeners on a one-on-one basis in real-time. This cutting edge technological advantage sets us apart from the competition. Our mobile and tablet apps are currently being developed and will be released shortly” said Bhavini. Another strategic advantage of pursuing an internet driven strategy is that Naach Radio has coast-to-coast coverage in both Canada and U.S. where it is licensed to broadcast.


Naach Radio has consciously adopted a rolling-launch strategy to tweak and fine tune its service over a period time rather than come to market assuming what listeners want. Bhavini added “We are in a prolonged beta phase – this allows for continual improvement of our service. We are able to conduct real-time temperature checks and measure our listeners’ feedback on what features are working and what are not.”


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