Isha Sharvani And Zaheer Khan ‘Off’ Again







Isha Sharvani And Zaheer Khan 'Off' AgainIsha Sharvani who was believed to have patched up with Zaheer Khan recently has shot down rumours of their marriage. The actress-dancer also denies living in with the cricketer. “I am not living in with Zaheer Khan, nor do I have any plans of getting married in the near future. I don’t know where these rumours come from! I have stopped reacting to them. My family gets very stressed out when they read this rubbish and that makes me angry sometimes. Everytime my grandmother reads the newspapers, she asks me questions. I have told her to stop believing whatever is published, unless I tell her so myself. I think these are the hazards of being a celebrity and one has to pay the price of being one,” Isha said.

Sources earlier reportedly said that the estranged lovers had decided to give their relationship another chance. Media reports even suggested that Isha Sharwani had moved in with Zaheer for testing waters. Either the media reports were untrue or something has seriously gone wrong with the couple again.



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