Jacqueline Sizzling Her Way To The Top

Jacqueline Fernandez

Jacqueline Fernandez

Actress Jacqueline Fernandez’s sizzling dance number, Lat Lag Gayi, in Race 2 is already earning her a lot of adulation.

In fact, Jackie has been approached by several sponsors to perform on the track in a number of shows. The actress, who plays a femme fatale con artiste, has locked in on six stage shows across the country.

Says Jackie, “I enjoyed doing the number and though I can’t compare it to any other songs I’ve done so far, I am confident it will be on the top. I had a couple of days to rehearse and I was constantly listening to the song. I rehearsed my steps for around a week. Ahmed Khan (choreographer) thought I had two left feet so he was very surprised that I could actually dance. I am much more confident now than I was two years back. I don’t get shouted at by choreographers for not getting my steps right anymore.”

She adds, “I loved working with Abbas-Mastan. They have so much drama in their films. For an actor, it’s great to work under them as they make you feel comfortable. Working in Race 2 has been so surreal for me as I have been such a huge fan of the first part.”

All praise for her, director-duo Abbas-Mustan says, “Jacqueline has done a fantastic job. When we approached her for the song, we promised it would be her ‘Touch Me Touch Me’.” Adds Ahmed, “Jacqueline was a surprise for me. She blew my mind on the first day at rehearsals. It is she who has made the song what it is, not me.”

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