Kangna Changed Clothes At Local Restaurants

 kangnaWere you in a Delhi restaurant last week, and suddenly looked up from your naan and butter chicken to see Kangna Ranaut walk out of the restroom? No, you were not dreaming.

Kangna has been shooting for her next, Queen, in the capital. They have been filming on the streets, and on regular locations. The production unit did not have permissions to park a vanity van at some of these busy areas, so Kangna decided to be a sport and use washrooms of local restaurants to change costumes.

A source close to the film reveals, “In the movie, Kangna plays the title role of Queen, a middle-class Delhi girl who takes off for her honeymoon alone. While shooting on the streets of Delhi, Kangna had to change her costumes several times. But they didn’t have the permission to keep the vanity van around.” The actor had the option of going back to the hotel every time she had to change.

However, in order save time, she decided to change costumes in restaurants around the shoot locations. The source adds, “It was Kangna’s idea. She didn’t want the entire unit to slow down because of her.”

On being contacted, director Vikas Bahl explains, “We were shooting montage shots of a middle-class girl shopping on streets, buying things for her honeymoon. Since we needed her to change into various outfits, constantly going back to the hotel would be quite a task. So Kangna decided to help us out by changing in local restaurants and shops.”

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