Kangna Gatecrashed Salman’s Party?

Kangna Gatecrashed Salman's Party?Rumours mills are abuzz with reports that Kangna Ranaut is using Salman Khan’s name to strengthen her position in Bollywood. According to reports, she even gatecrashed Salman’s Bangkok party, and the actor is not very happy with that, it was reported. Not only Salman, the actress is allegedly using Ajay Devgn and Sanjay Dutt’s name also, reports the news daily.

Kangna, however has an altogether different story to tell. She says, “Honestly why do I need to take anyone’s name to further my career? I’m in a very good place.” She goes on to say, “I can truly understand if I were to drop Tom Cruise’s name to make an impact. Why would I need to take any other names? I’m already doing a couple of films with Ajay. I’m in Sanjay’s home-production and as for Salman, he requested me to do a cameo in his movie Ready. And we’re doing something for his charity organisation. I’m also friends with his younger sister, Arpita. I have been to his home a couple of times. When such is the case, do you really think I need to gate-crash his party at Bangkok? I was only there because the dinner was meant for the Rascals team. I’m included in that team because I’m the leading lady.”

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